Santee Chamber Weekly Update 05SEP19

Hello Santee!
This past week was such a nice break from the norm. For some, the long holiday weekend meant more work, extra sales and promotions and extended hours. But for most, it was an extra day off from work or school and an opportunity to spend time any which way they chose. For me, I chose family. I took a step away from work and enjoyed a couple of days up in Mammoth Lakes celebrating my mother-in-law and spending time with my husband’s side of the family. 
Taking time away from the office (in addition to the already long holiday) meant relying on my support staff. It was so great to feel confident stepping away from the office for an extra few days, knowing they can keep everything afloat. Sometimes you are so deep in your own work, stepping away and immersing yourself into something different can give you a new perspective. It felt great to make memories with my family and enjoy each other’s company, but there’s something about coming home that is still so comforting, no matter how much you enjoyed your time away. I look forward to hanging onto this feeling of rejuvenation and jumping into some major projects on the horizon. A huge thanks to Sydnee and Jennae for remaining alongside me whether I am out of town, working from home, my favorite coffee shop, or sitting one office away... good help is hard to find and I’m thankful for their contributions.